Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Graduated!!! (whew)

Family Graduation Photo!
 Well folks, after such a long pause (one year plus)...there have been many things  blog worthy.  The BIGGEST is that finally, after many long years of school, Mary Margaret graduated.  It was sketchy for a while, but she pulled through. WE are SO PROUD of her.

She has a new boyfriend.  Cody.  So far so good almost one month.
This year has been better, such a relief.  I can see the girls growing up a little more.  This year we were really involved in Relay for Life.  Dianne would have been thrilled and would have had a blast with us.  We raised almost 3,000.  Pretty good for our little JPC Group.
We had a great group of JPC girls this year!  Always willing to participate in what ever crazy plan I came up with. 

Me, Susan Williams and Carakay Copes

Half of our JPC Group

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Im trying..New Stuff

Well, not really New.  I'm inheriting a new role with the JPC's.  So far, so good.  I'm slowly taking over.  I've planned the spring schedule. Hopefully, gotten a last minute photographer for the winter formal.  Fingers crossed.  I'm already classified crazy...this should seal the deal!

Sarcastically.....MM woke up in another wonderful mood/attitude today.  I asked Taylor to ask MM is she worked today.  Taylor came back from the Lions den, dragging her leg and missing an eyeball with the answer...Y.......E......S.   Poor Taylor.  I should have asked her, but I needed both of my eyes and legs to go to work myself.  I heard MM, "O....M....G....I wish you people could just remember stuff and stop bothering me!"

Sunday she was going to break up with her boyfriend because she was sure, since he was not answering his phone, that he was cheating on her.  She was told by "tons of people" that he was cheating.  First, he stays grounded, second, her phone is locked and only me, Tim, Taylor, her work and the boyfriend can call said phone, so how is she talking to "tons" of people over Christmas break, third, his mother and father are battleing over custody and visitation...so maybe they were just a tiny bit busy?   Of course none of that is an excuse to ignore her phone calls.  You will all be glad to know that at school Monday morning everything was settled and back all hunky dory. (however that is spelled)  And, nobody in our house likes her, Taylor hates her.  I said no she doesn't, she said yes she does...over and over and over, so I said....Maybe you shouldn't say ugly things about her at school...good to know...she doesn't say ugly things about Taylor those people are just lieing on her.

Good Grief Charlie Brown.

Thanks Joanna for the encouragement!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Pictures Lie

Pictures lie.  My girls smile like they are best friends in pictures. 
That is so far from the truth. 

Mary Margaret is ugly to Taylor all of the time.  She is hateful to me. She is practically hateful to everyone.  She does hateful things to Taylor at school...or maybe I should say she is involved in some hateful gossip.    This is not Taylor telling me, this is other parents telling me and Im seeing it myself.  Does no good to ground her...it makes her worse.

I'm sure Taylor can be ugly to Mary Margaret to.  I don't see it though.  If I suggest to Taylor to offer something to Mary Margaret...the answer is always hateful.

There's so much more that I can't share.

I don't know what to do to make Mary Margaret like us more.
I don't know what to do to make them be friends.

Someday...it will only be Mary Margaret and Taylor, then what?

I just feel...blah! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Little Bit of Christmas

Merry Christmas from Butler Diaries.
Mary Margaret, Farrah, and Taylor

This year I finally made our whole family stocking to match. They are pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  Even Farrah had a stocking.
 Tim and I decided that Farrah had to most fun with her Christmas,
opening and playing with her presents.
And to top off Christmas Day night, Tim let Farrah roll in poop at 10 PM.  Whoop

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Humor

I let the girls rent movies at the RedBox this weekend while I was out of town shopping.  I sent them a code to use for 50 cents off.  They forgot to use it.  Their solution was to return the movies and rent them again and use the code.